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Always Miss April (Hot Nights in St. Blaise Book #4)

Always Miss April (Hot Nights in St. Blaise Book #4) - Maggie Wells
This story took a slightly more serious turn from the previous books, but in true Maggie Wells fashion, she managed to find the humor in what could be seen as a major issue in a relationship. She also brought back the awkward "first time" scene, much to my delight. I love the friends to lovers trope, and it was a perfect fit for Del and Mari's story. Del has carried a torch for her for so long, that he had a certain image or expectation in his head. It was funny to read about his fantasies coming true, only for his ego to take a few hits as he learned about the extent of Mari's "problem". I couldn't help but laugh at Del when he tried to give himself little pep talks. Another great installment in the series.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Favorite Lines:
"I'll let you know if I have a headache," he deadpanned.

In context, it's a really funny statement.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy from the author for the purpose of an honest review.