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Urgent: One Nanny Required (Crimson Romance)

Urgent: One Nanny Required - Olivia Logan
Twenty-four year old sweet shop owner, Rania George, gives anything Hollywood related a wide berth. Rania is what she likes to call “a casting couch baby”, only the director at the time didn’t bestow her mother with the leading role, or any role for that matter, and Rania paid the price. Never knowing love and left feeling unwanted has made her cynical. Though her greatest wish was to have a family of her own, love didn’t seem to be in her cards. Perhaps it was fate that brought a little boy to her shop’s doorstep one evening. If that was the case, then fate had a wicked sense of humor because the boy’s father was none other than hot shot Hollywood director, Nicholas Trenton.

Nicholas Trenton loves his job, but it makes his (other) job as a single parent a little more difficult. It doesn’t help that his son, Theo, has managed to run off every nanny he’s had by giving them the slip. Theo has done it again which leads Nicholas to the sweet shop he’s heard so much about. He’s used to being fawned over by women looking to land a wealthy husband or a leading role, so he’s caught completely off guard when the feisty woman gives him a piece of her mind and questions his parenting skills. Her mama bear attitude intrigues him as does his son’s instant bond with Rania. Seeing an opportunity that would benefit them both, he makes her a proposition – to become Theo’s Nanny for the next three weeks while Nicholas finishes work in Hollywood. Rania is the consummate professional, but Nicholas’ thoughts about the nanny are anything but appropriate. The (sexual) tension was present, but would two stubborn and jaded people see how right they were for each other before it’s too late?

The apropos comparison to Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music were there, but Rania was neither a Mary nor a Maria. Her childhood left her with few people skills and a very prickly attitude. I did like her fiery spirit and the softer side of her where Theo was concerned. What I didn’t like was her propensity to put her foot in her mouth on more than one occasion, particularly when any question she asked Nicholas was delivered like an accusation. I got the distinct feeling he was making him pay for her mother’s mistakes. She was good at dishing out but didn’t fare well when on the receiving end. However, she really blossomed and put her claws away when she finally caved to her attraction and let him in. Nicholas was sweet, caring and above all incredibly patient. The lengths he went to to make Rania happy made him a swoon-worthy hero.

Their first love scene was fade to black, and the others were implied in memories. But the tenderness they must have shared came through for me, so I didn’t need the graphic description to know how much that huge step affected them both. The ending felt a little rushed to tie up loose ends, but I liked every second towards their HEA. I really enjoyed this short love story.

Favorite line:
Rania looked like he’d just smacked her with a wet kipper.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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