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Loving Logan

Loving Logan - Jennifer Labelle This review can also be found on my blog.

Caitlyn Harper has been best friends with Logan Sullivan since they were teenagers. She has had a major crush on him for years, but she was too afraid to do anything that could jeopardize their friendship. Now that he's finally returning home after being injured in Afghanistan, she realizes that life is too short to go on without telling him how she really feels.

This was a delightful, short read with no angst or drama, and just what I needed. Caitlyn knows what she wants and goes after it. I loved that she wasn't out to seduce him and "get in his pants" to garner his attention. She genuinely cared about him and made the effort to set up something sweet and romantic to show him he was loved. I also loved that Logan was open receiving and returning her feelings despite his trauma and his injuries. This story differed from others in the fact that he didn't have feelings of not being good enough for her or feeling like he needed to stay away from her because he wasn't "whole".

This was definitely more romance over erotica with a sweet swoon factor. If you want a quick, light, fluffy read, this is the story for you. It made my heart happy.

Disclaimer: I received a copy from Secret Cravings Publishing in exchange for an honest review.