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Dragonfly Kisses - Sabrina York
Where Rebound was a fun, cheeky and flirty read, the second book in the series, Dragonfly Kisses, takes a turn towards a heartachingly beautiful story about second chances and taking charge of life.

We’re introduced to Dylan on the first page, and it quickly becomes clear that he’s hit rock bottom. He’s in the dark abyss of pain and loss and his will to live is slowly slipping through his fingers. At the very moment he considers taking his life, he sees a woman who will change the course of his life in more ways than one.

I loved the pacing of Dylan’s obsession with the mystery woman. Seven months. He didn’t come across as some creepy stalker, and I didn’t mind that he never tried to approach her once. I got the feeling he wasn’t ready for that step. He took the time to pull himself back from the brink of despair and found something to make living worthwhile. Obviously that sort of thing doesn’t happen overnight. It gave the reader time to see him as more than a pitiful man. I liked that he tried to clean up his act before meeting Cassie so she wouldn’t have to do that much “patch work”.

Cassie was brought up to be focused and rather prim and proper. When she finally laid eyes on Dylan, she was attracted but admitted that he was the exact opposite of the kind of men she usually dated. She liked safe, and he seemed anything but safe. Her attraction was further solidified the moment she caught a glimpse of his tattoo, a silver dragonfly which was also her totem. Perhaps the universe was trying to tell her something.

I completely bought their chemistry. The ease with which they seemed to be able to talk to one another and their blossoming relationship was lovely to see. However this story wasn’t just flowers and chocolates. Cassie was quite perceptive, and it didn’t take long to figure out what had him so pained. That common ground allowed for a deeper connection, but the one time they forgot to use protection threatened to unravel him, for good reason. That scene made me choke back a few sobs because he was truly looking out for Cassie’s best interests.

I thought the pacing of the story was well thought out and executed, as was the way these two came together. I could see what attracted them to one another, and the obstacle in their way was cleverly integrated, especially towards the end of the story and the slight twist. I loved what they each brought out in one another. Cassie made Dylan feel lighter, happier, more carefree and alive. She gave him hope and light. In return, Dylan made Cassie question the trajectory of her life. I appreciated her focused artistic side, but I preferred her end decision to do more with her talent, to give back. I thought it suited her very well and just gave this story that little extra sparkle.

If you want to indulge in a series that covers a range of characters with diverse backgrounds, some light and funny, others a little more tragic and angsty, then I highly recommend the Tryst Island series. Each book ends on a high note with no cliffhanger! I suppose you could start anywhere in the series, but given the fact that some characters make cameos, you may want to start at the beginning so you won’t feel lost. I’m in love with the series and its author, and I will continue to gobble them up as they come out.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy from the author for the purpose of an honest review.