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Rebound - Sabrina York
Sabrina York first caught my attention with her short story, Saving Charlotte, story number two, in the Smokin' Hot Firemen Anthology. After that, I checked to see what else she'd written, and stumbled across Rebound which was free on Amazon at the time. Of course that gorgeous cover drew me in, and the blurb sounded like some hot fun. I was not disappointed.

I like the idea of the stories in this series surrounding a group of old college friends who share a vacation house to get away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Each book features a different set of friends vacationing at the same time, and one couple will go through a big change of finally finding the love that had eluded them thus far.

Kristi Cross was my type of heroine. A little bit shy, a little bit feisty, loyal and caring and usually putting other people ahead of herself. She'd had a crush on Cameron Jackson for years, but she'd been effectively friendzoned. While they both commiserate over their new single status, Cam finally sees what had been in front of him for years, and he decided to see what was behind door number two. Kristi had wanted exactly that for too long, she wasn't about to back down like a coward. With this one statement, I fell in love with her: But she’d long ago learned that heartbreak could come whether you were careful or reckless. Might as well be reckless.

Cam was adorable and hot! I don't think he ever meant to hurt Kristi's feelings by either not noticing or not acknowledging her crush on him. I really liked the honesty with which he portrayed his thoughts on the matter. He simply hadn't had romantic feelings towards her at the time. But with time and experience comes perspective, or so I like to think.

I absolutely believed their chemistry because it was built on the foundation of friendship first. I also had no trouble seeing exactly why he was attracted to Kristi. I also loved the teasing banter they engaged in both in and out of the sheets. Amidst the wildly sexy times, there was also a little drama, courtesy of her pissed off sister, Bella. There had been some bad blood between them ever since high school when Kristi began dating the boy who had dumped Bella for her. One thing that can be said for Bella, she has a hot temper and she can hold a grudge. I have a feeling her story will be really interesting.

I'm crazy about this series because even though the stories are short, the characters who make an appearance all have enough face time that will peak your curiosity; you'll want to read their stories, find out what had happened in their past and who they will end up with. I loved the prose, the dialogue felt fresh, fun and flirty. It was often humorous without sounding juvenile, and I absolutely appreciated that the author made her characters talk things out to solve their problems rather than stubbornly refuse to communicate thus creating even more problems. And damn if this author doesn't know how to write some really hot scenes! There's one scene beneath the patio deck of the house…. Sorry. You'll have to read to find out what happened ;)

Note: Each book is a complete story. There are NO CLIFFHANGERS! Although you will catch some glimpses of past couples in the following books. You might get a little lost if you just jump in anywhere in the series, so I would suggest starting at the beginning, but it isn't an absolute necessity.

Favorite Lines:

“We need to talk, Cam.”

He sucked in a deep breath and blew it out slowly in an attempt to regain control of his wayward lust. Fuck. A conversation. He hated conversations. Especially at moments like this. Right now his warrior was riding high. He wanted nothing more than to conquer. Storm the castle. Plow through her defenses. His battering ram was primed and ready to go.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and tried to pull him all the way in. It didn’t work. He just chuckled and kept up the deliberate torment.

So she decided to torment him right back.

She squeezed.

He flinched. “Don’t do that,” he growled.

“Okay, Mr. Jackson. You’ve convinced me. We’ll try a little spanking tonight.” She shot him a fiendish grin. “But I sure hope your ass can take it.”

The look on his face was priceless.

Rating: 4.5 rounded up to 5