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Luck of the Dragon - Susannah Scott
The blurb sums up this story perfectly, so I will just launch right into my review. I loved this story! For a debut novella, this was a well written, fast-paced story.

I liked the heroine a lot. Lucy's sad background made her the tough cookie we get to see in the book. She's ashamed of her past and seems to feel the need to constantly reassure herself that she is nothing like the rest of her family. She has carved out a very successful (legal) career for herself; a way of distancing herself from her past. She knows right from wrong, but when probably like most human beings, when the life of a loved one is at stake, she's willing to bend the rules and risk big. She doesn't have a private life to speak of, and her heart is pretty much hardened against romantic entanglements.
"I can't live in a fairy tale." She watched his face and smiled, trying to soften her words. "I'm attracted to you. Can't that be enough?"

Alec was a delectable hero. Calm under pressure, caring, devoted to his kin and determined to ensure their comfort, safety and keep the peace. Despite the imminent threat of losing his dragon because he hasn't been able to find his mate, he still puts everyone and everything else first. Once he realized that Lucy was forced to steal from him, he played along in the hopes of gaining her trust and finding the right moment to reveal his secrets. But Lucy was a good example of letting her own personal hangups get in the way of discovering something new and wonderful; something for herself. Every so often I wanted to grab Lucy by the shoulders and shake her until her teeth rattled. Talk about being in denial. For all her bravado, I quickly realized that her tough facade really was covering up a broken person on the inside. I got the feeling she knew that all her begging and pleading with Joey were falling on deaf ears. But as the only family she had left, I could understand how she wasn't willing to let go. At least not until it was too late.

The author really excelled at making me feel for the characters once Lucy threw Alec's trust away. I love when an author isn't afraid to make the heroine the "bad guy" for a while. There was also a great fight scene amongst the dragons. It was detailed so well, I could actually picture it. It was a little short-lived, but it underscored perfectly what was at stake for Alec. The ending was perfect. Lucy finally had a few epiphanies, grew a backbone, and spent a perfect evening with Alec in both forms ;) If you love a story with emotional drama, a caring, sexy and very protective alpha dragon and a stubborn, sassy heroine, then this is the perfect story for you. Ms Scott has a great voice and a great imagination. I can't wait to read more from her.

Disclaimer: I received an ARC from the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.