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Vicente - Melissa Schroeder
If I could just use pictures to sum up the final installment of the Santini brothers, these would do it.

However, that would be doing Vince a disservice. If you haven’t already guessed, I loved his story! Of all the stories, this was the most serious one as it dealt with a heroine who had suffered in an abusive relationship. The connection between Vince and Jules was believable because of their history that was touched upon throughout the story. Clearly there was some unfinished business between them. Vince was like a heat-seeking missile locked on his target. He wanted a chance with Jules, and he made his intentions crystal clear from the beginning. I loved that about him. He was clear, but he wasn’t pushy. One might think that Jules would be more skittish around a man who so openly displays his desire for her at every turn, but the fact that she had known him before and was attracted to him long before this story began moved their budding relationship into the believable realm. I felt for her, and for the mistakes she had made and paid for. The first night with Vince is like a revelation, and it was lovely to read about her gaining some of her confidence back. Joey plays an important role in this story and makes a stunning confession. You can’t help but love Mama Santini more afterwards. And if you’re a romantic sap like me, you will love the ending. It couldn’t have been more perfect for them. It played out like a movie scene *hint*. I’m sad to see this series end, but maybe we will catch glimpses of them in Melissa Schroeder’s next military series about the Johnsons. So this isn’t really a goodbye but more of a “see you later”.

Favorite Moment

“Just remember, Jules might be resistant to marriage, but then, she’s never had to deal with a Santini before.”

He waved as his father backed out and drove off. He was right. Vince had to deal with the problem head on. First though, he had some things to work out. Plus, he had a dog to kidnap.

Disclaimer: I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.