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Marco - Melissa Schroeder
4.5 rounded up to 5

Marco is infatuated with his gorgeous landlady, Alana. He won’t ask her out because he’s worried that if things end badly it would make their arrangement really awkward. He doesn’t make a move until his brothers descend on him for a weekend, and Gianni and Vince decide to flirt with Alana right in front of him. Marco’s jealous streak does more harm than good as misunderstandings ensue. He has his work cut out for him to make things right and get Alana to believe that he’s interested in more, and that he’s in it for the long haul.

After the death of her family in a tragic car accident, Alana received a large settlement. After the scandal of her failed engagement, she’s wary of romantic entanglements and men who only want her for her money. Even though assumes that Marco wouldn’t fall into the latter category, he is a Navy SEAL and that means dangerous deployments. She doesn’t want to fall for him, but he’s getting close to charming the sense right out of her. Will she give him a chance to prove that he’s the man for her, or will her inability to open up to him run him off?

Melissa Schroeder doesn’t disappoint as she continues to unleash her sexy Santini brothers on us. With Marco, she delivers us another great couple – the quiet but intense Navy SEAL and the philanthropist beauty whose sunny disposition gives him butterflies whenever she just smiles at him. I loved how Marco remained a gentleman throughout his courtship. Instead of showing her all his assets at once, he went for the kill with swoon-worthy, toe-curling kisses.


Alana’s insecurities were believable and to a point understandable (except maybe at the end because I can’t see any SEAL, married or not, telling his gf/wife about any deployment. I even asked my DH about that). Packed with even more humor than the previous book, pick up this book, and let Marco seduce you as thoroughly as he did Alana.

Favorite Moments

Alana sees all four Santinis for the first time ;)

Good God, they were walking up from the beach, without shirts, wet…her mind went blank.

“You know, I do have some ability to resist your charms, Marco.”

He smiled at her as he held the passenger side door open. “I’m trained to break through the enemy’s front line.”

“So you think of me as the enemy?”

“No, not really. Just as someone I need to conquer.”

Disclaimer: I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.