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Temptation Unleashed - Kari Thomas
Rating: 3.75 rounded up to 4

The blurb is already so well written that I will skip trying to summarize this story lest I sound repetitive. Instead, I will just launch into my review.

This story wasn’t new or different, but what it was was well told. Once I flipped the first page, I couldn’t stop reading until I was finished. The story was well paced that it established the impending conflict between the two main characters early on. The main characters displayed a range of emotions from start to finish which left me with the feeling that they were well fleshed out. In terms of character development, I thought Kira got stuck a little too long in her phobia of wild animals. Despite the fact that she had many close encounters with wild animals that never did her any harm, I found the constant paralysis and fainting spells a little annoying. As a very powerful witch (supposedly), she was too skittish for my taste, and I thought that held her back. Another minus point, and I have to agree with her uncle on this, she really didn’t pick up on the big secret; not even an inkling. I don’t know, I just found her nice. Nothing more, nothing less. Predictably, she has a defining moment during the climax of the story, and that’s when I felt she had transitioned from a young lady to a woman. Aiden was a very strong character; atypical alpha male with a hint of darkness about him. He exuded danger and passion in spades, but he was also very believable. I expected his reluctance to trust Kira to take a long time, even if his mind was often clouded by lust, anger and uncertainty. Aiden’s anger did make him act like a jerk a few times, so he wasn’t perfect by any means.

Together, I thought they had great chemistry, in terms of sexual tension. Though I didn’t find her a very strong character, I suppose she could be seen as the light to his darkness or opposites attract. What I enjoyed the most about these two was the bickering they did to conceal their mutual attraction. There was serious dialogue that was nicely mixed with humor.
The little witch had him growling more since she had barreled into their lives than he could ever remember doing before. Warning growls, angry growls, frustrated growls, irritated growls.

Hungry growls.

A major part of their dynamic was the constant push and pull. Aiden wanted her, but didn’t want to want her because she was a witch. Kira wanted Aiden too, but her inexperience didn’t help her to see through his mood swings.

The supporting characters were a nice addition and never felt like a distraction. At the moment I’m particularly intrigued by Lena and Gavin. There were some hints that there may have been something brewing between them. I would really like to hear more about them. If the author writes a second book, I hope it will be their story.

Overall I really did enjoy this story. Some areas were really predictable, but I was still entertained. Would I read more from this author? Absolutely.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy from the author via ABG Reads Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.