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Bound By Blood - Cynthia Eden
The summary says it all so I'll cut to the chase – this was great! At 76 pages, this novella was fast paced. The hero and heroine both kicked a**, figuratively and literally. The vampire princess Morgan was no shrinking violet. She may have feared being sent to mate with the alpha werewolf Jace, but the fear quickly turned into desire. More so once they completed the bonding and his memories passed to her. He'd desired her from afar for ten years, despite the animosity between their species.

The drama was exciting and kept me turning the pages. Of course any sort of truce between mortal enemies is fragile and susceptible to failure from suspicions and betrayal. The thought that either one of them might be playing the other for a fool kept me interested and hoping that that wasn't the case. I loved Morgan for being her own woman and not doing what was expected of her by her fellow brethren. Jace is one sexy werewolf, 100% yummy alpha male, and when he makes love to his woman, not even a bed can withstand the passion ;)