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One of the Guys - Shiloh Walker
Jaynie is happy with her life. She works as a veterinarian and shares the practice with one of her closest friends, Brian, who is also her BFF's older brother. And she has a fiance, Dean, whom she's loved since high school. The only flaw in their relationship is that Dean has been pushing her since college to indulge in his menage fantasies, but she's always refused him. One night after work, she comes home only to catch him in flagrante with their flirtatious neighbor, Kit and Dean's best friend. Heartbroken, she leaves and flees to Kate and Brian's house.

When Dean shows up there trying to apologize and to win her back, she won't have it and throws his ring back in his face. Incensed, he yells at her and says some very nasty things that totally crush her confidence in herself. One day, she's staring at herself in the bathroom mirror thinking over Dean's words when Brian accidentally walks in on her. Jaynie isn't so much stunned that her friend and business partner has just seen her in her birthday suit. No, what stuns her is the heat she saw in his eyes when he took her in. Needing some comfort and reassurance, she decides to seduce him. Just one night with no strings attached.

Their one night blurred the lines of their friendship, but it didn't hamper their desire for one another. Brian wants more from her, but can she learn to trust a man again, and can she overcome her own insecurities to see that she's all Brian has ever wanted?

Brian .... God, where to start? He was nearly perfect. He was so sweet and caring towards Jaynie; he always has been. Judging from the passion he unleashes on her, she never suspected that her childhood friend and colleague had all of that in him. The love scenes set the pages aflame with their hotness, and his ability to &#$% her into oblivion as well as make gentle love makes him a hunk you want for a husband.