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Wicked Valentine - April Angel
By now it shouldn't come as a surprise when I say that April Angel is my Fairy Smut Mother - the mistress and conjurer of every conceivable fantasy I never knew I had. And she doesn't seem to be running out of sinfully wicked male heroes that make your heart pound and other parts throb with need, or female heroines you want nothing more than to trade places with. Wicked Valentine is nothing short of pure carnal ecstasy.

We were briefly introduced to Sabrina as Alexandra's feisty cousin in [b:Mr. Buff|16069168|Mr. Buff|April Angel|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1349466133s/16069168.jpg|21861746]. Sabrina has been harboring a serious lust-fueled crush on her boss, Maxwell Stone for about a year. So far she's done a really good job of keeping her raging desire for him in check, not just because his company has a strict no fraternization policy, but he's also her boss, and everyone knows that sleeping with the boss is never a good idea. While on a colleague bonding retreat in the woods, a very inebriated Sabrina can't resist the heated looks or the feel of a mere touch from Max. Not knowing that Max had been suffering the same unfulfilled desires of look but don't touch, he's not willing to let her hide any longer. But convincing her to give them a chance may require him to pull out all the stops and implement an unconventional plan that would blow all first dates right out of the water. The only thing more distracting than Max's tongue may be a stalker leaving threatening messages.

Max is a successful CEO, incredibly handsome, has the stamina of an Olympic athlete, and he's a closet geek which just made him even more appealing. His idea of luring Sabrina to the Wicked Valentine's Day Ball where he would make all her fantasies a reality was ballsy. Three different rooms, three different scenarios, and each one of them will have you dripping with lust. Pretty much like Sabrina.

What I loved about this pairing was that even though Sabrina was scared of commitment, she didn't put up a tug of war with her emotions over Max. Once he began creeping into her heart, she let him in. As for Max, I loved both his confidence as well as his few moments of insecurity. Individually they were loveable and together they were combustible. The mystery of the stalker was a little predictable, but I enjoyed seeing Max charge in to save the day and cement his future.

Warning: This book may spontaneously combust in your hands as it contains elements of voyeurism, exhibitionism, oral sex, anilingus, the use of wicked toys and light BDSM. But they're all used in the most pleasurable of ways.

Disclaimer: I received an early review copy from the author. A review in exchange was not promised.