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Disarm (DISARM, #1) - June Gray This review can also be found on my blog.

A great introduction to Henry and Elsie. I liked Elsie’s outgoing nature despite the grief she still carried around with her over her brother’s death. Henry was more reserved; constantly brooding whenever he was around Elsie. I felt their chemistry, but it do believe it was more one-sided on Henry’s part. Elsie seemed to be really over the childhood crush she’d always harbored for him, therefore when he made an uncharacteristic move on her that took him out of the big brother category, she was actually a little blindsided. Playing the whole thing off seemed like a good idea at the time, and I did feel like Henry’s reasons for pulling back were with the best intention, but his upcoming deployment brought their feelings to the surface. The love scenes between them were scorching hot! I think saying that the dam had finally broken would be a very apt description. The passion is swift, fast, furious and all encompassing. But in the end, will they get swept away or will they find a safe spot to anchor themselves?