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Brooke's Wish - Sandra Bunino This review was originally posted on my blog.

The Satin Rose Experience continues to steam up my Kindle. Pam thinks her friend Brooke needs to unwind after a recent break-up from her longtime, free-loading boyfriend and the arduous work hours as a surgeon. What better way to relax than getting a free weekend in New York at a spa? But Brooke is in for a shock. The Satin Rose Experience is not what she thinks it is.

Once again, I loved the continuing adventures within the walls of the exclusive BDSM club on the top floor of the hotel Rosebud. Familiar friends make a reappearance, as well as new, sexy Doms. Ty Venice feels an instant attraction to the slightly uptight doctor. Brooke is mortified at first when she realizes what Pam has done, and that her friend obviously has a hidden, kinky side. Under the impression that people in the lifestyle meet at the club to have sex right then and there, she's about to get an education. Who better to ease her into it than the handsome Ty. With his sexy good looks and a charming smile, he coaxes her out of her shell and uncovers her secret fantasy. To be the center of attention of two men. Lucky for him, his best friend, Jackson Reid, is at the ready. Brooke desperately wants Ty, but under the impression that the only way to have him is to agree to be with Jax as well, she agrees to let them fulfill her erotic wishes. It's a win win and she kills two birds with one stone. I loved the slow, sensual seduction between the three. Brooke opened herself up, and finally took something for herself. Always the giver, this time she was the receiver, and whoo boy! I was team Ty all the way. Not one to beat around the bush, I was very happy when he came to see her the morning after and divulged a wish of his own.

I can't get enough of this series. At first I was a little disappointed that each book was so short. But seeing as this is Romance on the Go and there is a word count restriction, I feel that Ms Bunino always manages round up the plot and her characters in such few words. I feel content when I turn the last page. I'm not hyped up like a kid on sugar waiting for the next book to come out, but rather it's a relaxing feeling, like knowing you'll see your best friend again soon. I also love that kink isn't the main focus of the stories either, but rather it's about the women at some sort of cross road in their lives, and discovering that they have hidden layers. Once uncovered, these women transform into a stronger, more confident version of themselves. They may even take a left or a right turn down a better path with a handsome and loving Dom at their side. I'm looking forward to book #3 which will be released soon. It will feature Toni, a young woman forced into marrying a much older, unpleasant male chosen for her by her mob boss father. Toni wants to experience passion on her own terms one time before her life is forever changed. But at the Satin Rose Experience, anything, we've learned, can happen.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy from the author. A review in exchange for was not promised.