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Mr. Buff - April Angel This review can also be found on my blog.

For men there’s a little blue pill. And what about us? I don’t believe in self medication so luckily this uber-sexy, scorching (and I mean SCORCHING) hot novella does the trick and hits all the right spots. Ladies, get your toys, lotions, gels, towels, the whole enchilada because you’re going to need it! This was my first read by this author, but there’s no way I’m going to miss out on anything else she writes. Especially if they all have a sexy plot that will plunge you into your most secret fantasies and leave you a moaning, panting mess at the end.

Fresh off a bad break up from her ex-boyfriend who accused her of being too controlling in the bedroom, Alexandra’s self confidence is non existent. She settles for watching the gorgeous hunk through his office windows in the building across the street. Her fantasies are wild and untamed. And then he catches her red handed, or red faced, I should say.

Andrew is rich, handsome, known for having dated a supermodel, very confident, a dominant and he wants Alexandra. And boy does he have her. Their chemistry jumps off the pages, slaps you in the face, curls your toes, fogs up your screen … you get the idea. Once Andrew gets his first taste of her, he’s not willing to let her go, but winning her over may be a bit more difficult than simply being able to deliver screaming orgasms.

Screw waiting for Mr. Right, she wanted Mr. Buff, and by the look in his eyes, she guessed he wanted her too.

Normally I’d label stories like these as “mptp” (more porn than plot), but this story had a little extra something. Not only that, but Ms Angel sure knows how to write sex scenes. They’re raw, carnal, explosive, very descriptive and the words tickle your nerves from head to toe. Don’t be surprised to find yourself breathing in time with the heroine.

For those who find the progression of their “relationship” unbelievable because of how fast they’re moving in the space of a few pages, I would have to disagree. Not only have they know of each other for some time before the story begins, but Alexandra is a (successful) career woman in her early thirties and Andrew is already set in life. All he wants and needs is a woman who isn’t afraid of commitment, marriage, children. It would seem that they’re a perfect match, and it comes across. Even when faced with a problem that could tear them apart, Andrew is relentless in his pursuit of her and lays his heart on the line.

Sex in public – yes.

Sex on a car – oh yes.

Hair pulling – yes.

Anal play – yes.

If you want a well-written erotic romance that you won’t soon forget, pick up this book! I highly recommend it.

My favorite parts:

Funny scene – involving a particularly stubborn pair of panty hose.

Making a face that matched her disdain, she balled the hose and hurled them at the trash. She peered into the darkened office across the street and gave thanks no one had witnessed her embarrassing moment.

One woman’s embarrassment is another man’s jerk off fantasy.

She was impatient. Her hands grasped and tugged at him.

Pulling her hands from his shoulders, he held them behind her back in a tight grip. “Look at me.”

She whimpered at the impact his tone had on her.

“Do you want to come?

Disclaimer: I received a review copy via Etopia Press.