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Elijah - Jacquelyn Frank
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This story takes place around six months after "Gideon". Elijah, Captain of the Demon warriors, has walked into a trap laid by the Demon defectors and Necromancers. He's near death when he's saved by Siena, Queen of the Lycanthropes. She carries him to safety and tends to his wounds. When he awakens, there's pain, confusion and ... lust?

Siena has always felt some type of attraction to the Demon also known as "the Butcher" among her people. He is like her male counterpart in many ways. She will soon learn of a few more ways before their time together is up. When Elijah makes the first move, she welcomes it at first until she realizes the consequences a mating with him would bring. Siena is a virgin Queen by choice. When Lycanthropes mate, they mate for life. In her case, her mate would automatically become her husband and King. After witnessing the suffering of her people under her father's violent rule, she has sworn to never let a man have any say in the governing of her people ever again. As if that weren't enough of an obstacle, having a Demon King wouldn't sit well with the Lycanthropes, despite the past fourteen years of peace between the races. Elijah was the warrior responsible for many Lycanthrope deaths during the centuries of war before he killed Siena's father thus ending the tyrant's rule. Surely they would not accept him as the Queen's choice of mate?

With Samhain approaching and along with it the threat of the Moon madness, Elijah tries to reason with her to accept their imprinting as Destiny's doing and to just go along with it, for both their sakes. Siena proves she can be just as stubborn as any Demon and tries to deny not only Demon, but also Lycanthrope traditions and beliefs. When Gideon and Legna propose a loophole of sorts, she jumps at the chance to have her mate and peace of mind that Elijah will not try to share her throne. Amidst the joy of the joining of the newly mated couple, the drama unfolds yet again, as Ruth and the Necromancers converge on the Demon warriors. This time, Gideon and Legna are the targets.

Elijah and Siena's story was terrific! Both of them are formidable warriors, and they like control of themselves and the situations they find themselves in. There's also a lot of pride at stake for both of them, so naturally there will be tough times when these two stubborn individuals clash. What I loved the most about Elijah was how mindful he was of her nature and his unwillingness to do anything that could hurt her, both emotionally and physically. I understood why Siena tried to deny her fate, even if it meant losing Elijah and her chance at happiness. She put her people above her own feelings – I admired that about her. When they finally resolved the problems that kept them apart, they were even better together. Her fierce protectiveness of him was so cute.

I'm so invested in these characters that whenever Ruth pops up, I feel the dread creeping in – what is the lunatic up to now and how will everyone fair against her latest vicious crusade? This time Ms Frank stepped things up a bit, and the stakes are getting higher. Some interesting things were revealed in this book, and I can't wait to see what significance they'll hold for these wonderful characters. This will undoubtedly lead to even more suspenseful stories as the series goes on. Damien's story is next, so I look forward to seeing the vampire Prince thrown into the mix.

Finally, Elijah is able to step up as Siddah for Jacob and Isabella's daughter. But holy crap – I had a laughing fit when they gave her the name she'll be called in public – they named their daughter Leah! Twilight fans will have a field day with this one.