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Blind Faith - Evelyn Jules
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Librarian Faith Lawson has been fantasizing about a handsome stranger she has crossed paths with for the past two weeks. When they finally come face to face, she does something she never thought she would do. The morning after brings with it anxiety and an unpleasant surprise that leaves this couple on the precipice of something amazing, or utter despair.

In just under 30 pages, the author has managed to capture the carnal desire between two people (sexually) attracted to each other, but also the consequences of rushing into things head first. At this point you'll have to throw your morals and expectations aside regarding how fast these two fall and how they go about it. I had no problem with it because this is after all an erotic short, and we don't need all the important steps of real life interrupting this hot little tale. Adrian and Faith had sizzling chemistry together. The story begins from Faith's POV, but after a (shocking) twist, it switches to Adrian's. I love getting to hear from both characters because I can better understand the characters and their behavior. Adrian is the guilt-ridden hero and Faith is the somewhat naive heroine. The writing was fluid and sensual where necessary, and I felt that they both believably redeemed themselves.

Overall, this was a touching and very sexy novella. After getting a taste of this author's work, I definitely want more. If you can suspend disbelief and just enjoy the ride, then this is a story for you. PS: There's clothes ripping!

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.