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Mia's Submission - Sandra Bunino
In the prequel The Satin Rose Experience, which can be found in the Keyboards and Kink anthology, Asher Cane took an instant interest in Mia Lavender. She wanted to know more about the BDSM lifestyle, and he was just the person to introduce it to her. To sweeten the deal, he offered her the position of VP of Client Experience of the exclusive BDSM club, SRE. Their first night together was supposed to be her first lesson, but it quickly turned into more for both of them. In Mia's Submission, her first training lesson is finally about to commence.

This novella was another great read in Sandra Bunino's BDSM-lite series. He is determined to stick to his plan and not mix up love making with training. Being with Mia also makes it difficult for him to hold back his darker desires, but he fears that she isn't ready for that type of intensity yet.

Mia's first lesson doesn't go off without a hitch, but it was HOT! There's blouse ripping, buttons fly, then she attacks his fly, oh my! Even I felt weak-kneed after reading that scene. What I really like about this series so far is seeing the progression of their relationship, as well as seeing them expose their feelings and insecurities. I still love Asher being a little clueless as to how his actions may be perceived at times, but he doesn't waste any time to correct his mistakes. Gotta love that about him.

At first I didn't find it believable that Mia being a complete novice, would be handed her first client a few hours after her first training session. How can she "advise" another novice when she herself is barely at the beginning of her own self discovery? I discussed that point with the author and received a satisfactory answer to my query. Safe to say there is still a lot more to be revealed in this ongoing series, so I will sit back and enjoy the journey Ms Bunino is taking me on.

I received an eARC copy from the author.