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Picture Perfect - Evangeline Anderson
Whenever I see the name Evangeline Anderson, I know I'm going to get a read that is a little edgy and will curl the toes. Picture Perfect fit that perfectly. Kurt and Melanie are step-siblings, but only for the past five years and they were in their late teens when their parents got married. They'd acted like any normal pair of siblings, ribbing each other every chance they got, but they always got along. Until the awareness settled in. It was uncomfortable at first, but they never acted upon their attraction to one another. Instead, Kurt became overly protective of his modeling stepsister. When she announces she'll be heading to a photo shoot interview in a seedy part of town, he demands to accompany her, for her safety. What was supposed to be a simple interview for a fitness book photo shoot turns out to be much more, and it unleashes the deep-seated passion they've both tried so hard to suppress.

I'll start with the good. The core of the story itself. Yes, it deals with a taboo theme, but I'm not queasy about it because the main characters weren't blood related, and nothing sexual had ever happened between them. Furthermore, they were only under the same roof as brother and sister for a few years before Kurt moved out. I knew what to expect, and in true Ms Anderson fashion, she writes erotica like a champ! The descriptive romance/sex scenes were scorching hot.

Now for the bad ... the DIALOGUE. Kurt and Melanie are adults, but their way of thinking had me shaking my head in disbelief.

"Mel?" he murmured in my ear. "How far do you want me to go?"
"Just...just the head," I said firmly, if a little breathlessly.

A little later....

"Mel?" he asked again. "Do you want me to?"
"I...I guess it's not really, uh, fucking since you're not all the way in me," I whispered back. "So I guess it's okay."

Then there were moments like this:

[...] when I had offered to let him come in me earlier, I had meant when he had the tip of his cock inside me. I would, of course, have to draw the line about letting him fill me up with his cum when he was so deep in my pussy—that would be going too far.

Melanie and the photographer were the most annoying characters in this story. Melanie tries to justify what she's doing with Kurt by repeating that it's to get a good picture. The photographer, who is supposed to be a Annie Leibovitz type of famous, plies them with compliments and underlying threats to Mel's future career (or lack of one) if they don't go just a little further, and little bit more, just a little bit more .... for a good picture. I think that's how future porn stars are made as well.

The rest of the story feels "normal" again, once the photo shoot is over. The ending is satisfying, but also open to leave it up to your imagination as whether or not they get their HEA.

2.5 Stars