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For His Eyes Only - T.C. Archer
While on a Recon mission to rescue the daughter of a U.S. Senator deep in the bowls of Columbia, Jesse Evan's informant is murdered in what she comes to realize is an ambush, meaning the mission and the team sent to rescue the girl has been compromised. When she tries to notify her superior, everything goes horribly wrong. Now she finds herself on the other side of the law, branded a sell out, a traitor and a risk to National Security. Somehow she manages to make it back to the States where she vows to bring the real traitor, Green Leader Robert Langdon, down. That may sound like a good idea, but it's a difficult task when you're alone and can trust no one. Then help arrives in the form of a handsome Texan named Cole. But is he who he really says he is?

This was one action-packed read, and I loved every second of it. I only put it down once because something known as asleep got in the way of finishing it off in one sitting. From beginning to end, the pages are filled with action, conspiracy, lust, deceit, a drug lord and bullets flying all over the place. Jesse Evans is literally a kick a** heroine. She's Emma Peel, Evelyn Salt and a little bit of James Bond rolled up in one. In full mission mode, she can keep up with any alpha male, but on the inside she tends to let her emotions rule her and her actions. Her only family left is her autistic sister, Amanda, and she will go to any length to keep her safe. Aside from being tired of being and feeling alone, Amanda is probably Jesse's only weakness.

Cole is one of the wildcards in this story. He was Green Team Leader, and he's the lone survivor of the Green Team massacre. He saves Jesse's butt a few times, but is sincere or just a ploy to gain her trust? Throughout the entire story I went back and forth on that question about as often as Jesse did, and seeing as the entire story is told from her perspective we can only build a picture of the players as she finds them out for herself. Talk about nerve-wracking.

Jesse and Cole have instant chemistry that is only hindered by Jesse's distrust and Cole's attempts to make her trust him even when his actions and words appear shady. That still doesn't stop them from heating up the pages whenever they're in close proximity. However this book contains more suspense than romance. The sexual tension lasts well past three quarters of the story before the inevitable happens, and it's one time only. As for the plot, you don't get the big picture until the very end, but the journey there was worth every page.

A couple spelling/grammar mistakes, but nothing that really interrupted the flow of the story, so I highly recommend this book.