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Raziel - Kristina Douglas
4.5 Stars

Raziel is a fallen angel. Together with his fellow brothers (in arms), they live with their bonded human females in the hidden world called Sheol. If I understood their history correctly, God had placed the punishment and eradication of all evil to the archangel Uriel. He in turn uses fallen angels and demons to carry out his orders. When Raziel is to escort another soul to the bowls of hell, he does his duty as usual only to do something completely out of the ordinary. At the last minute he questions his orders.

Allegra "Allie" Watson is a writer of religious mystery novels; very tongue in cheek. It's a busy day in New York when a handsome stranger, a sudden downpour, too high heels and a city bus make an impact on her life.

A new and exciting story surrounding fallen angels. I loved the main characters, Raziel and Allie. They fought like cats and dogs throughout the entire story, but mostly it was the equivalent of a boy tugging on a girl's pigtails. Allie is nothing like the meek females the warriors are used to. Her presence among them is a source of distrust, anger and resentment. She deals with it quite well; much better than with her feelings for the handsome angel who seems to hate her. Any author who isn't afraid to detail the horror, blood and gore of a battle amongst immortals gets high points in my book. If you loved Gena Showalter's Lords of the Underworld, then you'll enjoy this story as well.