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White Knight - Mari Carr
Since meeting Travis White (owner of Scoundrels and best friend of Emma and Jack) in Black Jack, I wanted to know what tragedy happened in his past that made him the way he was. When this book opens, Travis seems to have slipped into a slight depression. He feels a little envious of Emma and Jack's new found love, but he's happy for them. Before he can cave further into himself, he attention is drawn to his newest employee, the waitress Shea. What is she doing after hours in his club sleeping in the bed on stage?

Shea Landon is really down on her luck. It was sheer luck that Emma hired her on the spot. Shea doesn't have enough money to rent a motel room. She's a little desperate and decides to take a huge risk – hide in the bathroom until closing and sleep in the club. Sounds like a harmless and simple plan, only she doesn't know that her boss has his eyes everywhere. She thinks she has it made until she comes down with a cold, and Emma sends her home early. With her belongings stuck in the club along with most of her money, she's stuck out in the rain. Travis is so accustomed to his late night monitoring of Shea that he panics when he realizes she's not in the club after closing. He finally finds her in the diner across the street. He decides to get to know her a little before divulging the truth about his identity.

Shea affects him in ways he didn't think were possible in his condition. As they open up to one another, they realize they have a lot in common. Learning new things and overcoming their fears all start out as fun and games, but can two broken people find the peace they seek in one another and make it last?

Once again, Mari Carr weaves this wonderful little romantic tale by blending the kinky games in the real world with the more sensual, serious fantasy world. They had great chemistry. I loved how Shea encouraged Travis to do whatever was necessary to find closure. It made the ending that much sweeter.