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Blind Date, Checkmate (ebook) - Veronica Blade
2.5 Stars

Shelby Winters never got over her teenage love. After dating for three years, her Logan had to move away when his parents divorced. They tried to make the long distance work until one day he called and dumped her. Not only had he broken his promise to come back to her once he turned eighteen, but he'd also broken her heart irrevocably. All that happened nine years ago.

When her best friend strong arms her into agreeing to a blind date, Shelby is more than surly but gives in eventually. Imagine her shock when she sees who her blind date is.

Nine years ago, Logan made the biggest mistake of his life. Now he's back and he'll do whatever it takes to get a second chance and make things right. Convincing her to trust and love him again won't be easy, but he's determined to get her back.

I love stories about second chances. I figured two people who drifted apart for whatever reason as teenagers would be older and wiser when their second chance came around. On page two, I already knew I'd have a hard time liking the heroine. Not only has she spent the past nine years pining for Logan, but she's in denial about her feelings for him. She lies to herself, her best friend and even Logan. I understood that she was deeply hurt, but she could have listened to what he had to say, or tell him to get lost once and for all. From beginning up until the end, she's b*tchy (vocally), but on the inside all her thoughts are mushy. As for Logan, he had a good reason for not returning once he turned eighteen, but as for the other eight years, I didn't buy his excuses. He claims he never stopped loving her yet he stayed away and silent all that time. Even if he thought she had moved on with someone else, as long as she didn't have a ring on her finger, he could have had a chance to win her over. The ending may have resolved the issue for Shelby, but it was just too easy and simple.