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Wicked Burn - Beth Kery
There's a reason it is said that the body's largest sex organ is the brain. Wicked Burn gave that muscle one thorough workout, even long after I finished the book. This book had some of the sexiest scenes I've ever read in an erotic novel, and it had a plot that tugged at my heart and brought me to tears a few times (tears of sadness and frustration). I loved this story because the author wrote a pair of compelling characters that made me feel for them and with them. I cried when Niall was sad, I was angry when Vic was angry, and the steamy encounters were written in a way that I won't soon forget the images or the words. I pick this book over Fifty Shades.


Niall finds herself in what would have been a bad situation after she tells her date, an arrogant co-worker, that she's not interested in taking things further when her sexy neighbor Vic comes to her rescue. He invites her to his place for a drink and surprisingly she accepts. Though they're neighbors, they haven't formally met until before, but that hasn't stopped them from being very aware of one another. The lust between them spikes almost instantly, and they share a night of the most passionate sex that rocks their worlds. Though he can't seem to get enough of her, he's also wary. Surely a woman so beautiful will only flip him inside out and leave him raw and jaded, just like his ex-fiance. Vic goes from sensual to cold in a heartbeat and back again, and his mood swings leave Niall feeling a little panicked and dejected. Over the next few days they're thrown together and continue with their no-strings attached sexual interludes. She welcomes feeling alive for the first time in three years, and Vic apparently thinks the more he has her, the sooner he'll get her out of his system. Of course things become more complicated the longer they come together. Niall is harboring a secret she doesn't want exposed, and feelings slowly begin to stir in Vic, though he tries to push them away. Is he projecting his past hurt onto her, and will Niall be able to get over her past and move on, possibly with Vic?

I vacillated between loving and hating Vic throughout the story. He's dominating, arrogant, moody, jaded, but when he turns up the heat, be prepared to burn. In the beginning he comes across as a shameless, selfish jerk who is just using Niall as a means to satisfy his needs while remaining completely oblivious to her inner turmoil. For a playwright, he doesn't seem to do well with words in his personal life. If he had one redeeming quality, at east he was always honest. Ms.Kery does a great job of showing the conflicts of his thoughts versus his actions.

Niall comes across as very fragile and desperate to "normal". While she enjoys Vic, his domineering ways both excite her and confuse her. She has a few moments when she seems to forget about her deeper problems and just goes with what feels right in the moment. Those few glimpses of how she could be felt real. When her secret is finally revealed, the real drama begins as do the tears.

There were a few situations that I didn't like, and I couldn't fathom why they played out the way they did. Two incidents which I won't name - I felt she let him off the hook too easily. The other one was the entire portion on his ranch. I couldn't make sense of her actions and why she waited so long to tell him the truth. I didn't think so many weeks of drama was entirely necessary. I'm not a huge fan of exaggerated miscommunication between the H/H, but the story still delivered in the end. Now I'm just dying to know what happened long after the dust had settled. Sadly there was no epilogue or a future take of sorts. Considering everything she had lost three years prior, I'd have loved to read whether she ever regained some of that with Vic. A beautiful story that will stay with me for a long time.