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Motor City Vampires (Motor City Vampires, #1) - Anjela Renee
ARe freebie - 1.75 stars

ARe book summary: Abby meets Javon a Vampire near a bar in Detroit when she literally runs right into him. There is an immediate attraction. Javon knows Abby is the one for him, can he convince Abby he's the one for her too.

Abby Montgomery bumps into Javon Bouvier while heading to a bar. Since he's on the way to the same bar, they go together. Abby's friend cancels their date at the last minute, and Javon conveniently steps in to keep her company. Their attraction is instant and mutual. After Javon drops her off at home with the promise of another date the following day, Abby is nearly attacked in her apartment. She calls Javon, who rushes to her rescue and insists that she stay with him until her attacker is found. Safely ensconced in his mansion, the desire and passion continues to build between them. Eventually he tells her that he's a vampire. Javon is overjoyed with how well she takes the truth, and their feelings for one another deepen. But Maurice, an old frenemy has resurfaced, and he wants revenge. What better way to get back at the vampire who turned him, than to take away his mate? When Abby is kidnapped, help comes from unexpected sources, but will they be able to save her in time?

This story is in serious need of an editor. Multiple spelling and grammar mistakes, most of them were repeated often throughout the story. Even misspelling the hero's name (Jovan instead of Javon). But those alone didn't prompt my low rating. The writing just wasn't that good. The conversations were often choppy: he did this, he did that, this happened and that happened. The story simply didn't flow/unfold. There were parts that just made me laugh because they sounded rather silly. For example:

On her first night at the mansion, Abby has a mini meltdown when Javon gives her some nightclothes that belong to Sally.

"No, it's not that, your sister is just so skinny, and these won't fit." Abby couldn't believe she was crying over something so silly.
"It is me who should apologize; I know your body well and should have realized this. Should we go out and buy something? Meijer's is open twenty-four hours."

Then there were things that didn't make sense:

"You smell like a Human. Have you had relations with a female?"
"No, I just fed recently."
"Javon, fess up you smell of female arousal. A nice smell too."
"Fine I met a female, we kissed and we are going on a date tomorrow." Javon replied sharply.

First of all, he kissed Abby before he fed from the other woman, and secondly, the only woman who "came" that night was the other woman.

Right before he tells her he's a vampire, she tells him:

"Whatever it is, you can tell me." Abby leaned over and gave Javon a reassuring kiss. "I love you and that won't change."

She takes the news surprisingly well:

"Abby, I'm a vampire."
"Can I see your fangs?"
"Um--you believe me?"
"I'm not going to say I believe you 100% but I will give you the benefit of the doubt for now."

Once she knows the whole truth, she says: "I love you too, this is just a bit much. We just met, I need, to really know what my feelings are."

"Love", "just met" and "needs time to know her feelings" all in one sentence makes no sense to me at all.

The villain, Maurice is extremely crude. Basically he fucks and kills. With the surprising twist at the end, I think he gets off too easily. After everything he's done, I don't think he can or should be redeemed. Until this story gets "cleaned up", I don't think this freebie is worth the time.