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Heaven Can't Wait - Pamela Clare
Lissy and Will are two weeks away from their wedding. They're blissfully happy until her mother calls, filling Lissy's head with doubt about the upcoming nuptials. Lissy begins to wonder whether really great sex could be mistaken for love. She knows deep down that they're deeply in love, however she feels the need to prove a point, and thus the bet is born. Will and Lissy will abstain from sex until their wedding, to heighten the anticipation and to focus more on the simple things in a relationship without the physical aspect distracting them. Surely they can last two miserable weeks, right? Right.

Hilarity ensues when they just barely make it the first night in, and Will succumbs to peer pressure from his friends to cheat a little – playing football in the park - shirtless, taunting Lissy with sexy words during Scrabble, parading around the apartment naked and sabotaging her vibrator.

She reached back up and removed the cover with a quiet click.

Nine volt.

Nine volt! The damned thing took nine-volt batteries!

"Lissy, what in the hell are you doing?"

Not to be outdone, she intends to beat him at his own game.

"It's more than that! She struts naked into the bedroom while I'm still in bed. She rubs skin cream over her entire naked body like she's making love to herself. She takes extra time on all the best parts, especially her ass. I'm telling you, she greases that thing so well she could put it on the grill!"

It's all fun and games until a few days before the wedding and her mother shows up out of the blue. A day before the wedding things come to a head with a bang. Literally.

Normally I don't expect much from novellas because they're usually so short and have so much crammed into them that it feels rushed. Not the case with Pamela Clare. She managed to fill these few pages with laugh out loud humor, sex so hot (I'm still drooling over Will) it would make your eReader steam up, and emotional drama that just makes you want to cry and cheer and cry some more.

If you haven't read the I-Team series yet, you have no idea what you are missing!