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Asking for Andre - Minx Malone
Casey works as a receptionist for an advertising company, and she has the biggest crush on their biggest client, Italian fashion designer Andre Lavin. Everything points to him being smitten with her as well, but she refuses to see it. Handsome, rich, powerful men like him just don't fall for the plain Janes like her. Or so she thinks.

A night out at the company gala, a few too many glasses of champagne, one sexy Italian, a dark balcony and the accidental voicing of her thoughts about wanting love lessons and Andre seizes the opportunity. He proposes to show her everything she's missing. They share a scorching hot encounter on the balcony, but before he can tell her he wants more than just a fling, she runs from him. She's mortified that her actions could have been discovered by her co-workers at any time and cost her her job. Luckily for her Andre doesn't give up easily.

Casey hopes that Andre will just forget their balcony interlude at the company gala, but he has other plans. When Andre Lavin's mother notices the attraction between the two, she confronts Casey and basically intimates that she's not good enough for the likes of her son. Casey is crushed but has to admit that she's thought the exact same thing. Staying away from him proves difficult when he corners her at every opportunity. He proposes to give her what she wants – one night of pleasure to learn anything and everything he can teach her about passion.

Their night together proves to Andre what he has felt for a long time, that she is the perfect woman for him. In turn Casey gets to live out her wildest fantasy and store the memory away before she ends things. When a photo surfaces in a gossip rag showing the two of them together, the headline intimates that Andre is cheating on his fiance, and Casey is devastated. Not only has their barely there relationship been exposed to her boss, but to the world she looks like the other woman. Andre refuses to let anyone or anything ruin the happiness he knows he can have, and pulls out the big guns to finally win Casey over.

I loved this story. It was sexy, funny, and Andre made me swoon. I love a man who refuses to let his friends or family influence who he can and cannot date. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Senora Lavin! Casey is adorable when she's flustered. And I loved her friend Anya. She was feisty and loyal, and her meddling was more than welcome.

Anya pulled Casey to her feet and surveyed her from head to foot. "If you would take the granny bun down and lose those outdated clothes you would actually be hot. And of course get a better bra." She cupped Casey's breasts, pushing them up higher on her chest.
Casey stood stunned for a moment before jumping back so fast she bumped into the filing cabinet. "Anya! What are you doing? Are you feeling me up?"
"Don't complain. This is probably more action than you've had in months."

If you're a fan of romantic comedies with a lot of steamy scenes to get your blood pumping, then this is the story for you. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.