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Slick Rock Cowboys - Becca Van
Two cowboys – check

They're hung like horses: check

They like to dominate: check

Devastating experience of catching the man/men the heroine loves screwing another woman: check

Heroine is a virgin: check

Heroine is melodramatic: check

Tara grew up in Slick Rock, Colorado, with her parents. At least until the day her father walked out on them, and her mother moved them to Denver. She's devastated that she'll have to leave her two best friends, Clay and Johnny Morten. She had practically grown up with the brothers, but they were older and treated her like a kid sister. When she goes to tell them goodbye, she catches them in the barn with a woman, and they weren't making haystacks. Brokenhearted, she leaves with her mother. Two years later, Tara is all alone in the big city, after her mother is killed in a car accident. Now she has to find a job to keep a roof over her head and put food on the table. That didn't work out so well for her. One day on her way home, she sees her apartment building swallowed by flames. Numb and in shock, she comes to on a bus, in a town that looks strangely familiar, but she doesn't recognize it. She doesn't get far before she passes out in the middle of the road, barely getting hit by a truck.

The men in the truck come to her rescue and are stunned when they realize it's the woman they've been haunted by for the past eight years, ever since she moved away without so much as a goodbye. When she regains consciousness, she doesn't remember her name much less remember her saviors. Now that they have her back, they vow never again to let her go.

This story was just …. odd. The writing wasn't very good. By that I mean that at times it came across as immature, or perhaps inexperienced is a better term? Packing a story full of erotic sex does not a romance story make. If the heroes had done the dirty talking that would have been one thing, but most of the descriptions came across a little crude and reminiscent of a porn script. I don't know how else to describe it. It wasn't terrible by any means, it just didn't appeal to me. It didn't raise my pulse or heartbeat, and I didn't feel a connection or feel vested in the characters, at all.

There were a few instances that left me very confused, and asking the question, What the deuce?:

1) When Doc Foster is talking to Clay and Johnny he says he knows they had been “hankering over that women for years” and “I know you never touched her while she was still a child...” - that just sounded creepy.

2) I don't see why it would have been bad for the Doctor or the brothers to at least tell her her name, and to let her know that they know her. Wouldn't that go some way in gaining her trust and easing her into things?

3) They tell her she should recover at their ranch. They're practically strangers, yet she still goes with them?

4) Tara still hasn't regained her memories back, and Johnny's way of greeting her on her second morning in their home is to wrap his arms around her waist and kiss her temple. Not a good idea.

5) “Why did you have to call her by name? We could have tried to woo her back to us before her memory returned.” - Not cool.

6) At the beginning Johnny and Clay are furious that she left without a word, and it's implied they don't know why she just disappeared. Right after her memory comes back, they confront her about her sudden departure and why she isn't happy to see them again. She doesn't tell them, but Johnny immediately jumps in and says “it's about what you saw in the barn the day you left, isn't it?” If he already knew, then they obviously knew they hurt her feelings, so why didn't they try to find her?

7) I truly hated the explanation that they'd been lusting after her since she was a child, but they were older and had needs, so they sowed their oats “waiting for her to grow up”. That is just really bad phrasing.

8) Clay and Johnny saying over and over again that the women they had in their past were just a means to an end, a f*ck that meant nothing. I think saying that once is more than enough. We don't need to constant reminder.

9) The story is around 100 pages, and Tara manages to bring up the crux of her heartache at least six or seven times – catching Clay and Johnny with another woman (never mind that she wasn't of age yet at the time to have done anything about it).