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Sleeping with Paris - Juliette Sobanet
A woman scorned does really dumb things.

All is right in Charlotte Summers' world. Her fiance Jake is a successful lawyer, he's sexy and they're moving to Paris in a matter of days. She visits his office to celebrate her quitting her job, however he's not there. While she checks her email from his computer, an instant message pops up on his screen. With that, her whole world comes crashing down.

After finding out about his infidelity, she chooses to go ahead to Paris anyway, alone. She has always dreamed of studying at the prestigious Sorbonne University. Her first day at the dorm, she has a run-in with a sexy French guy in the communal bathroom. When they see each other again a few hours later, he invites her to spend the evening with him and his friends. Not wanting to be alone, she tags along and meets Lexi, a fellow American. Lexi's lifestyle attracts Char instantly – go out, have fun, don't get attached – you get the picture. With all the time she has to spend obsessing over her cheating ex, she decides to start a blog – How to date like a man in the City of Love. She figures if guys can play games, she can do it too. And thus begins this ridiculous story of a scorned woman trying to validate herself by acting like the scumbags she has been accustomed to. All the while Luc hovers in the background as someone who comes to mean a little more than any other conquests, but her stubborn heart refuses to accept what her brain is telling her. Will she ruin her chances of finding a happily ever after?

I'm just going to say it ... I didn't enjoy this story. So why did I bother reading it much less finish it? I read it because I too have had my fair share of breakups, and one time actually did involve me finding a profile on an adult dating website. Hidden, but clearly not hidden well enough. Anyway, I wanted to see how this character would deal with the blow, and I'm a sucker for a good romance where the ex either gets a taste of his own medicine or he finally realizes what he's lost once it's gone. It started out well enough. I was rooting for Char to go after her dreams, even if it meant going it alone. After 26% of it, I began to hate the path this story was taking. I couldn't bond with the heroine and every time she jeopardized herself, I actually found myself feeling quite pleased - "stupid is as stupid does". She hardly deals with the anger and her pain – instead she takes it out on unsuspecting males by behaving just like Jeff. As if that wasn't bad enough, every entry in her blog bashes men – like she's lumped them all in the same bag. If she'd have kept those posts to her own personal observation, I'd have been fine with it, but then she started adding advice to her readers. Seriously? She's a hypocrite to boot; expecting others to do certain things that she herself fails to do.

"Remember you're in this to have fun, not to be sketched out and uncomfortable. You are to fabulous and smart for that."

"Do guys ever put up with crazy behavior from us? No, never. They run for the hills as fast as their little penises will carry them."

First of all Char, you are crazy and secondly, this from a woman who just ran like her pants were on fire after the disastrous date with Frederic, the horny octopus?

"I didn't want my new friend to get the wrong impression of me—fresh out of an engagement and already hanging out with a new guy on my first week in Paris—a divorced guy at that."

If Char shares her blog with Fiona, that blows the whole first impression worry to hell. Fiona will be able to read all about what Char's been up to.

I knew she'd have her epiphany at some point, but for me it was too little, too late. She didn't figure things out until nearly the end of the book.

Luc was the only shining character in this book, and in my opinion, he was way too good for her. I loved Katie; she seemed the only sensible female around. As for everyone else, they were way over the top in their crazy behavior. I didn't care for the writing either. It often sounded a bit frantic and made the characters seem juvenile.

Now ... if you want to read a few more things I took issue with you can read on:

Luc says he has something he wants to tell her. In her panic she distracts him with sex. Afterwards he catches her reading a text from Frederic and lying about who he is. If she doesn't give a damn like she keeps saying, why lie? Just say "we're not exclusive" or "we never agreed to not go out with anyone else". Then she rants on her blog about Luc getting a little nosy when he doesn't share his secrets about his ex-wife, or the phone call interruptions. Hello! He tried to talk to you! What if he had something really important to say? Like, "I have AIDS, but it's fine as long as we use a condom"? Don't scoff at me – you know it CAN happen.

I suppose getting drunk off your a** and then boarding a bus full of English rugby players is no cause for concern about one's safety. At least she has one drunk slutty friend and another scared kitten with her. I'm sure they'd be a real help in a bind.