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Masks - Evangeline Anderson
Chloe and Zoe may be twins, but they couldn't be more different. Zoe is outgoing, adventurous, lives a life of luxury and seems to have no problem finding men to be with. Chloe is shy, reserved, likes her humble lifestyle and her teaching job. She may not admit it out loud, but she's always felt invisible, living in her glamorous sister's shadow.

When Zoe asks her for a favor to meet with a client and pretend to be her, there is just one small problem – Zoe isn't an investment banker. She's a Dominatrix. Before she knows what's happening, Zoe has given Chloe a complete makeover – mousey pony tail gone – check, sexy makeup – check, leather bustier, mini skirt and thigh high stiletto boots – check, mask adorned with colorful feathers – check. Pressed for time, she's shuffled out the door and heading towards Zoe's office to meet her client, Mark Jacobs. The job shouldn't be too difficult if she's the one giving orders, and she only has to follow three rules: One – Don't lose control, Two – Don't ever have sex with the client and Three – Don't take off the mask.

Of course things don't go quite as planned and Chloe soon finds herself in a role reversal with Mark in charge. Well, there went rule number one :)

I actually liked this short story. There were two twists I wasn't anticipating, so I like a little surprise. Chloe found a side of herself she never knew was there, or perhaps it just took the right man to bring it out of her. Mark could never find the type of woman he was looking for (that's part of the secret of this story), but Chloe's big heart comes through where it counted the most. Mark was highly skilled *cough* and um, very well endowed. Of course there's drama when another secret is revealed and I understood why she felt betrayed. Luckily Mark knows all the right words to say and they both get their HEA.

There isn't really any BDSM play per se in this story, just hot seduction and a bit of kink involving dirty talk, being tied to a St Andrews Cross and a bit of tying down.

This book is still free on Amazon, as well as on All Romance.