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Bound in Sin  - Cynthia Eden
I got this for free from All Romance Ebooks

Seems with each book the heroine is running from danger, straight into the arms of a delicious werewolf male :)

The last (?) book in this series didn't disappoint in terms of lust and suspense. Paige was supposed to become Drake's mate, but then she disappeared leaving him heartbroken. She was a human, something the former alpha Jeremiah despised. Now Paige is back and a vampire. She will stop at nothing to protect Drake from the danger that's about to arrive on his doorstep, but how will he react?

Drake can't believe Paige is back. The anger and hurt over her disappearance as well as her new vampire status do nothing to quell the lust and love he's always felt for her. He knows she's hiding something from him, but when he finds out what secret she's been keeping from, it goes beyond anything he could have imagined.

I thoroughly enjoyed part three of the series. I did wonder why the packs from all three books never teamed up or exchanged information that not all vampires were bad. That may have prevented a few overeager wolves from trying to pounce on the heroine and incurring the alpha's anger. Seriously. At least Paige mentions that she's had contact with the pack in Florida.

I would never have guessed under what circumstances Paige became a vampire. That was a bit of a surprise. What followed afterwards was predictable though. Once again, I love a heroine that can kick butt. Paige didn't let Drake fight her battles for her. Like the other vampire females in the series, she's an equal to her mate. A fun, sexy read and a good series by Ms Eden.