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Dare to Dream - Becky Wilde
I've read quite a few menage stories to know what is considered good and what is not. This wasn't good, unfortunately. Repetitiveness, a few mistakes and clipped sentences made this a less than exciting read. Gareth and Brody are bisexual lovers, and they're supposed to be hot-shot CEO's, yet their manner of speaking didn't convey confident, cool, calm and collected. So that was a turn-off. They also didn't seem to know women very well. First they get her in bed, then ask her to move in with them, but they haven't said the three little words. What's a girl to think? The only exciting part in all this was the climax (no pun intended), when Devin's life becomes endangered.

A pity really. The plot wasn't bad, but it might have been a better story if it were longer and the characters had more time to be fleshed out and grow.