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Willing Victim - Cara McKenna
Hot like wow! 4.5 stars for Flynn and his hotness.

Okay, so the warning just drew me like a moth to a flame, not going to lie. I have no problem with consenting adults playing out fantasies (no matter how kinky), and Laurel and Flynn share the same desires that set the pages ablaze. At just over 100 pages, I felt this was a little short. I wanted to read so much more about this great couple [pouts]. Though it's marked as BDSM, there isn't really a whole lot of that going on, aside from one light bondage scene and the agreement on a safe word. Just thought I'd mention that.

Flynn likes it rough, and any female who has the same wants and likes to put up a fight is more than welcome to what he can dish out. As a ring fighter he certainly has the build and the meanness for such role-playing, but what convinced me to love this character is his open honesty and the kindness he's very capable of showing. He may like to be an asshole in the bedroom, but he'll back off at the slightest hint his partner isn't enjoying herself.

Laurel doesn't know what she's searching for exactly, but when she sees Flynn for the first time, she wants him. Cautious man that he is, he asks her to meet him at a bar. If she's not scared silly afterwards then he'll agree to go out with her. That evening changes everything. She explores the darker nature of being completely at a man's mercy. What was supposed to be a temporary thing turns into more with each encounter. Could be that they each found their perfect match.

Flynn is a great guy. He's hardworking, honest, and he isn't afraid to talk about how he feels. I loved how he could appear to be a cruel bastard one minute, then caring like a loving boyfriend the next. Laurel was the one who seemed more afraid of falling in love, though I'm not exactly clear on the reasons why. Unlike most heroines in these types of stories, she didn't have a broken heart to defend. Her little pangs of angst was nicely offset by her very snarky sense of humor. Their quips made me chuckle quite a bit. Now to the part that most of you would like to know about ... the sex was HOT! Not just because it was kinky, but Flynn's dirty talk and descriptive acts would turn anyone on.

I'm so going to read this again ;)