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Rough Cut - Mari Carr
Since this was a short story, I won't elaborate on a synopsis. The summary more than covers the essentials.

This is my first story by Ms Carr, so I can't compare it to any of her other work, however based off of this, I would read some of her other stories. A reviewer mentions that for a BDSM novella, it lacked BDSM scenes. Instead the H/H just talked a lot about it or the majority of their time indulging in their fantasies were just mentioned to move the story along. I had no problem still liking the story. I assume it's called a BDSM novella because the characters have anything but vanilla sex, and the heroine seems to like pain play – the label seemed to be more of a precautionary measure for potential readers. With that said, I thought the pace was good for the length of the book.

Since BDSM involves a lot of trust on the participants' parts, it was a good idea for the author to mention that Ty and Gwen had emailed extensively before their first meeting. That at least afforded the reader some measure of assurance that these two potential strangers didn't just hop right into bondage play and more.

Gwen's denial of her penchant for pain didn't surprise me. I don't think anyone into that particular lifestyle can just bring it up to their partner, especially if they didn't meet at places that cater to such interests. Her past lover labeled her as abnormal and she feels like a freak. No way would she let the handsome Hollywood hunk know about her desires. Made sense to me. As for Ty, his reluctance to show his cards too early made even more sense. His lifestyle would be fodder for any tabloid, so caution is of utmost importance. Lucky for him, he's a Master and can read signs very well, so he already knows what Gwen really wants. His ploy of reenacting her short stories just helps him pave the way of making her his, and freeing her of her demons.

It was a steamy, short read with a sweet ending.