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Beauty Touched the Beast - Skye Warren
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At just over 20 pages, this short story had heart and it was highly erotic. Erin has worked for Blake Morris for a while, loving him from afar. He's a former soldier, who was badly injured in battle, and has the scars on his face to show for it. He thinks he's hideous and definitely doesn't feel like he's good enough for a young woman like Erin. One day she catches him masturbating. Before she can escape, he moans her name. Could it be that he has feelings for her?

When she makes him an offer he's not strong enough to refuse, they spend a passionate afternoon in each other's arms. Then his guilt settles in and he tells her that he's relieving her of her job as his housekeeper. She's heartbroken but finally tells him the truth about her feelings. His self-deprecating words fuel her anger, so she decides she'll just have to show him that her love goes deeper than just what can be seen on the outside.

"I'll make you feel so much pleasure," he said. "So much you won't care that it's me."
Wait, what? She tried to push through the haze of her arousal.
"So good you'll forget it's me," he whispered, staring down at her spread legs, entranced. "You won't regret this. I won't let you regret this," he promised.

This was way too short. I loved their connection and would have loved to have read more about their time together. It's obvious they both challenged each other mentally, and that they both had a healthy dose of respect for one another. Perhaps the age difference between them is what made her appear a little naive in the beginning? We just know she's of college age and he's "older". Despite the heavy dose of eroticism in the writing, this still spoke to the romantic in me.