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A Little Harmless Submission - Melissa Schroeder
Rome Carino is chasing a serial killer who is targeting female submissives frequenting Rough n Ready, the notorious BDSM club. The FBI steps in, lead by SA Maria Callahan. She's already formulated a plan to lure the killer out into the open - bait. Maria is willing to offer herself up as bait since she's not only well trained, but she also fits the profile of the victims. She frequents the club as Rome's submissive. Rome doesn't like the plan, but then again he hasn't been thinking straight since Agent Callahan showed up.

Maria has been living in the shadow of her famous FBI profiler father since joining the agency. She feels the need to prove herself. Leading this case and catching the killer is supposed to be her ticket to acceptance among her peers and superiors. Her plan brings about a few surprising developments. Something neither she nor Rome were prepared for.

Another great read in the Harmless series. Maria intrigued me because the way she talked was so different from the picture of the woman I got when she was thinking or spoke of her family. Her childhood was by no means easy. Her father was like a larger than life figure who was well respected and revered in law enforcement circles. Losing her mother the way she did, then having her father drag her all over the place while on duty finally molded her into the woman she had become. She reminded me of a machine, or AI, if you will. She was always analyzing situations and people. A skill that can be attributed to her father's training. I felt sorry for and amused by her when she was confronted with things like girl talk, or when she couldn't figure out the odd behavior Rome usually had around her. She wasn't a prude - that she understood very well, but everything else went right over the top of her head. Like I said, amusing. However my heart broke a little when she said Don't worry. I'm not loveable."

When Dee complained about Micah being a knuckledragger/Neanderthal during their story, she had no idea that another guy could trump Micah for that title. I think Rome's brain must have dissolved the moment Maria set foot on the island. His behavior was over the top funny, to me at least. Always growling, grunting, huffing and puffing. And the ribbing he had to endure from Evan and Micah ... God, I love those guys!

I found it a little surprising how many colleagues knew that Rome was a Dom. It just seemed awkward to hear Maria and Rome's superiors bring it up so casually.

I hope there will be more books in this series because now I'm intrigued by Navy SEAL Malachai Dupree (but seriously, Malachai?!) and Eli St John. Who the heck is that mysterious Australian?! I'll bet their stories would easily set the pages on fire too.