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A Little Harmless Pleasure - Melissa Schroeder
Sweet, Southern Belle, Cynthia Myers hasn't had it easy. Her family comes from old money, her father is a ruthless businessman and a heartless father. Her mother is equally cold-hearted, and her brother is a chip off the old block. After the fiasco of losing her fiance, her father has kicked her out of the family home and threatened to disown her. Rather than put up with the emotional and verbal abuse any longer, she leaves. Luckily she has her close friends, Anna and Max to rely on. At their wedding, she catches the eye of Max's best friend from college, Chris Dupree. There is something about him that makes her perk up and take notice.

Chris is a switch. He's a Dom and a Sub, with the right woman. When a previous sub couldn't handle being either a sub or a Domme, instead wanting to be a slave, he refused to give that to her and she left him. A few months later she committed suicide. Chris left the lifestyle behind suffering from his guilt at not having recognized her mental issues. One night with Cynthia has him thinking that she might be the one; the perfect match for him and his needs and desires. Can she shake off the years of torment at her family's hands, find her independence, herself and perhaps love?

We met Cynthia is the first book as the ex-fiancee of Max. Now she's back with her own story. The first page made me feel sorry for her in an instant. Her relationship with her father made her actions in the first book (almost) understandable. Here is a grown woman so beaten into submission (not physically), that to defy her father, even a little, is a huge deal. It was a foregone conclusion that finding herself is what would happen in this story. I also should have made the assumption that having been told what to do all her life would call out for her to do the exact opposite once she got a chance. Her turning into a Domme came a bit a s a surprise. I would have thought it would take a very long time before that happened.

Chris and Cynthia had excellent chemistry. It was intense and passionate. I can't say I bought her lightning fast turnaround from a fragile Magnolia to the sassy Domme, if you know what I mean. I just kept expecting her insecurities to resurface at any given moment and shatter the confidence she had gained. Maybe I've just been reading to many angsty stories **shrugs**. Anyway, it was really good, especially at the end with Evan thrown into the mix ;)