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When You Dare - Lori Foster Oh my Dare! He could melt a stick of butter just by looking at it! *swoon*

Dare is asked to rescue the sister of one of his closest friends from the clutches of human traffickers. He not only saves Aliana, but another American woman. His newest "complication" is a successful romance writer. She's convinced that she wasn't taken by chance only to be sold into sex slavery. She hires Dare to find out who might have been behind her abduction, and unfortunately for them, there is a long list of suspects ranging from disgruntled fans, a sleazy ex fiance and possibly even her own father.

The UST was killer! I loved the two characters instantly and got invested in them. Molly was tough, even during her captivity. She's a straight-shooter, says pretty much what is on her mind, and for a rich girl, she wasn't a spoilt princess. Dare is pretty much like her in regards to speaking his mind and calling things the way he sees them. His quiet brooding was really sexy too. Dare is very protective while trying to sort out his feelings for Molly, which was very sweet. He didn't smother her, not that he really could, since she seemed to be very observant and have a keen sense for what was going on around her. I thought it was a great personality trait of his to let her still retain her independence and not necessarily make decisions for her. The plot twist was well planned out and some people may have put the puzzle pieces together much sooner rather than later. It was still exciting all the way to the end.

My first book by this author and I look forward to reading the rest of this series.