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Flat-Out Sexy - Erin McCarthy
4.5 stars

This reminded me a lot of Jaci Burton's The Perfect Play only with a much cooler heroine. Tamara Briggs is raising her two children on her own after her husband died in a NASCAR accident. Getting back into the dating game isn't easy for her. She's sworn herself off from race car drivers to avoid the emotional pitfalls that come with such a dangerous profession, but she's stuck in a boring relationship with a stuffy professor. She bumps into the handsome Elec Monroe just as she's made up her mind to break off her current relationship. In the nick of time, I'll say! The sparks fly, and she soon finds herself doing something she's never done before – a one night stand ...... with a younger man. After a passion-filled night with her young lover, the morning after bring some big surprises cute-avatar.com Good thing Elec is persistent and goes after what he wants.

I adored this story. Okay fine, I adored Elec, but who wouldn't? He was so genuine and sweet, he gave me cavities. He always put her feelings and wants before his own, which allowed her to come to him in her own time. Tamara behaved pretty much the way I expected someone in her position would behave, just with less angst and doom and gloom than I'm normally used to, which was refreshing for a change. This was a sweet, romantic read with characters one could identify and fall in love with.