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Dark Embers - Tessa Adams
After the murder of his parents and brother at the hands of the Wyvernmoon clan, Dylan is the last pure-blood dragon and King of the Dragonstar clan which is slowly dying out. For five centuries he has searched for his fated mate in the hopes of providing an heir. That goal takes a back seat when a vicious disease sweeps through his clan, claiming lives too quickly and no sign of a cure. Quinn, the clan's healer and lead scientist can't find the answers needed to save them, so Dylan decides to bring in a human biochemist. He seeks Phoebe out and offers her three million dollars in exchange for her help. Naturally she's wary of the dark stranger who burts through her doors and made her such a tempting offer. Not just the money, but the challenge of a disease that seems to defy all logic, as well as science. There is just one snag. It turns out that Phoebe is Dylan's fated mate and their sexual chemistry explodes barely 24 hours after their first meeting. What follows is race against time to unravel the mystery behind the virus raveging the Dragonstars and Phoebe coming to terms with the life she's been thrust into (pun intended).

For the first book in a series I thought there was a little more porn than plot (they were scorching hot by the way), but I'm going to chalk that up to the whole mate/mating thing and the carnal instincts of the dragons. Aside from the scenes that steamed up my screen, I enjoyed the bit of plot that was there. The author didn't hold back when describing the horrific effects of the virus raveging the dragons.

My only peev with this story has to do with Phoebe's background. Her nightmares about her stepfather and what he did to her didn't answer the raging question I had at the end: She deduced that one or both of her parents were dragons, but what about her stepfather? Was he or wasn't he a dragon?! And if he was, why didn't she show any signs of fear when she noticed Dylan's eyes changing, or when Gabe had that outburst in the clinic? Shouldn't she have panicked?

When Dylan takes her for a ride (of the flying kind) as a dragon for the first time was a bit cliche but cute. Dylan being able to turn into smoke was definitely a new twist. That love scene was hot! There's a new idea for FF.

The battle towards the end was a bit rushed and the ending predicatble, but satisying.

Since I've already read the second book, I can say that [b:Hidden Embers|8551159|Hidden Embers (Dragon's Heat, #2)|Tessa Adams|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51bMmXGKrSL._SL75_.jpg|13419214] definitely has more plot and more substance.