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Feel the Heat - Cindy Gerard

Amazing! The places Ms Gerard takes us with this series, and the terrifying plots she comes up with are nothing short of breathtaking.

When the threat of an E-Bomb in terrorist hands and a plan to attack the US surfaces, DIA Agent B.J. Chase (her name gave me serious giggle fits and when Raphael alludes to the obvious, I snorted my coffee) is ordered to shadow and protect Stephanie Tompkins, an NSA cryptologist. When Stephanie is nearly killed, B.J. is forced to team up with the BOIs and she finds herself about to get up close and personal with Raphael "Choirboy" Mendoza. She still bears a grudge against him for foiling a previous op in Caracas.

The clock is ticking to find a US traitor, find and destroy the E-Bomb, and gather intel on who the key players are. For that reason, B.J. and Raph are to go undercover and pose as a couple. Their assignment takes them to Raph's old home, to his Uncle who is a banker and close friend to a powerful mafia boss. Posing as a couple in love is hard enough between strangers, it's even harder when there's an underlying sexual chemistry, and B.J. is so closed off, distrustful, and an ice queen. Trust Raph to know how to melt the ice, and I'm not talking about the warm weather in Colombia.

Excellent and scary plot, heart thumping action and a surprising development with Stephanie and one of our favorite hunks.