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Show No Mercy - Cindy Gerard

The first book of Cindy Gerard's new Series, Black Ops Inc. piggybacks off the last book of her other series Bodyguards. We met Gabe "Archangel" Jones and Jenna in Into the Dark. Back then I couldn't wait to read the stories of the mercenary type men, who seemed even tougher than the Garrett boys. I wasn't disappointed; far from it.

Journalist, Jenna McMillan is back and chasing down another story which leads her back to the place of her fears, Buenos Aires. When she's nearly a victim of a bomb explosion, her saviors come in the form of the hunky hero of her dreams, Gabe "Archangel" Jones, and his team. It soon becomes clear that Jenna seems to be the main target and Gabe steps in to do everything he can to protect her, because it's what he does, not because he has feelings for her. Or so he keeps telling himself. Gabe's fiance was killed during one of his Ops and he never got over it.

At first I didn't like Jenna and her smart mouth. Her constant barrage of questioning and poking made her not very likeable, but once she got Gabe to open up a little and she toned down her abrasive nature, her jokes and personality won me over.

Gabe and Jenna were a great pairing. Their bickering served as comedic relief whenever the plot got really heavy. I bawled a lot during this story and my heart broke for both of them whenever Gabe shut down or shut her out. I cheered for Jenna when she plucked up her courage and showed, rather than told Gabe how she felt. The ending was dramatic but beautiful.

5 stars all the way!