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Into the Dark (The Bodyguards, Book 6) - Cindy Gerard
This was the most suspenseful story in the series. Gerard wrote a compelling plot with scenario that would make your hairs stand on end.

We met Amy back in book #3 To the Brink, when she, along with Darcy Prescott (Garrett) were rescued from jungles of the Philippines after being kidnapped. Darcy has only spent a short while in captivity, but for Amy it had been months. After months of torture and being raped, one of her rescuers was Dallas Garrett. Already then, there had been an instant attraction, but they each bore their own demons and scars thus effectively putting an end to whatever feelings they may have felt blossoming.

Amy Walker returns after narrowly escaping an attempt on her life. She's certain that her grandfather, Edward Walker, is behind it. With no where else to go, she flees back to the one man who can offer her solace and possibly protection, her hero, Dallas Garrett.

Dallas, who has been moody and in an emotional tailspin ever since Amy disappeared six months ago, can't believe that the woman he's been unable to get out of his mind suddenly shows up on his doorstep.

Amy wants to hunt her grandfather down and confront him about the crimes and atrocities he's committed, as well as to find her friend and journalist, Jenna McMillan, who has mysteriously disappeared. Dallas won't let her out of his sight and accompanies her to Buenos Aires. When they run into a spot of trouble, they find themselves teaming up with a bunch of undercover Special Forces troops (which is the set up for Ms Gerard's second series, Black Ops Inc..

The plot of this book was gripping and one can't help but wonder if something like this isn't possible. Once the action gets going, it's nail biting suspense all the way. The few interludes when Gabe and Jenna give in to their passion was to an extent heartbreaking and beautiful. When Gabe tells Jenna the truth about Angelina's death, I cried and cried some more. Not only was the visual horrific and sad, but it explained so much about Gabe and his actions towards pushing Jenna away. Luckily Jenna finds that Gabe is worth fighting for and puts everything on the line, her heart and her life.

This will remain my favorite book of the series so far and I will be re-reading it often. 10 stars (if I had five extra to give).