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Run to Me - Christy Reece
After Shea lost her husband, Cole during an op that went bad, she went deep undercover to get revenge on the man responsible. She didn't realize it was a trap until it was too late. Instead of killing her, her captor decides that torture is more appealing, until he starts to see her as a companion. This villain seriously creeped me out! To make Shea more compliant, he injects her with drug cocktails his doctors have developed. This specific drug manages to erase all of Shea's memories and turn her into a mindless slave ready to do her master's bidding.

Feeling responsible for Cole's death and Shea's pain, Ethan drowns in guilt and decides to leave LCR. When Gabe shows up and tells him that Shea has been spotted and has seemingly "gone bad", he's asked to go in and try and retrieve her.

My favorite in this series so far. The story of Shea and Ethan tugged at my heart strings. Reading about Shea's capture and seeing her mind unravel only to become a shell with no soul or emotions was heart breaking. When Ethan finally manages to rescue her, it was really sad to see how much he still cared for her, but unwilling to see this as a second chance.

I think the surprise in this story was that of the man only known as Creature or Animal, the villain's killing machine. (@Sandra - this reminded me so much of Hunter from Midnight Breed) Listening to his suffering was so sad. The crazy doctor made me think of Dr. Mengele *shudders*. Somehow Creature manages to regain and hold on to some individual thoughts.

The biggest OMG moment came when I figured out that Creature is really Cole!. Shea was a wonderful heroine. Not only because she endured so much, but she took responsibility for her part in the breakup between her and Ethan, and then later with Cole. Ethan is consumed with guilt over causing the death of his girlfriend in a car accident which subsequently landed him in jail and led him to Noah. He met Shea and they were a couple for a year until something happened that had Ethan pushing her in Cole's direction. Convinced that that was the right thing to do and that Cole was the better man for her, Ethan stepped aside but he regretted the decision ever since.

I love how we meet some of these characters when they feel at their lowest for stupid mistakes they made when they were younger, but after a few years to wise up, they try to find the happiness they seek. Considering everyone in LCR has a horrible past, but they decided to save innocents from a similar fate, they do what they can to help. In my mind, those heroes deserve every bit of happiness they can attain. Loved the suspense this story had. As usual, the horrors of what some people are capable of doing to other human beings made me cringe and wonder if something similar is happening to someone out there right now. The love between Shea and Ethan was touching and I kept slapping him upside the head willing him to get his act together.