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No Regrets - Shannon K. Butcher David Wolfe left Delta Force two years ago after the violent death of his wife, Mary. One day he's approached by his superior, who tells him that he's being called back in to protect a female scientist who is being targeted by the Russian terrorist group, The Swarm. David's guilt over not having been able to save his wife is incentive enough for him to accept the mission and get his revenge on the people who killed his wife.

Noelle Blanche is one of six of the most intelligent cryptologists in the world. When she turns down a government grant in exchange for her services of deciphering a secret code that is believed to show the locations of nuclear warheads that went missing during the Cold War, she soon finds herself in the middle of a deadly chase to capture her. The Swarm and the US government both want to get their hands on her. She's nearly captured in her own home, when David shows up whisks her away to his boss. When it's made clear to her that her knowledge is far to dangerous to end up in the wrong hands, she's told that she will be terminated. David already feels some sort of connection with her and won't allow an innocent to be harmed, no matter what. Another attempt on her life makes it clear that there's a leak so they make a run for it. And so the cat and mouse game begins.

David is the tortured hero who is wracked with guilt over his wife's death, and the fact that his line of work brought danger to their doorstep. He spends a good majority of the story fighting his attraction to Noelle. Noelle, on the other hand is a geek with little romantic experience. I admired her tenacity and her strength in dealing with her situation, but also for how she slowly worked her way under his skin. She showed more courage than I would have ever given her credit for.

We get a few glimpses of the bad guy told from his POV, and he's one sick SOB. There's one grisly moment when we find out exactly what happened to Mary, David's wife, and it was not pretty. In fact, the chapter should have come with a warning. Needless to say, it made me reach for the Kleenex.

This was a nail-biter, with lots of sweet romantic moments. The showdown was a bit anti-climatic, so that's why it gets four stars instead of five.