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Extreme Exposure - Pamela Clare This was like The Pelican Brief meets Erin Brockovich with a nice dose of romance mixed in. Kara is a single mother and works for the Denver Independent as a part of the I-Team (investigative reporters). She receives an anonymous tip about illegal dumping of toxic waste. Naturally it's her job to dig for answers and unearth any wrongdoings of big, greedy corporations.

The story starts off one a pretty hilarious note. On a girl's night out with her friend and colleague, Holly, Kara runs into the handsome Senator, Reece Sheridan. It takes only three margaritas before her verbal filter is toast and she asks the Senator some very interesting and blush-worthy questions. To add insult to injury, she asks him about the woman she saw him with. I think her words were "who was the blonde bimbo?" Oh yes she did! Kara had just insulted his sister. Of course her humiliation isn't complete, and there are some more really funny moments and smart one-liners throughout the story.

While I normally hate stories with reporters in them because they always seem to be more intent on walking all over people's privacy in pursuit of a juicy story, the women of the I-Team are much better than that. They care about the issues they report on and they seem to be fair in the way they go about it.

Some topics can obviously turn deadly serious, as Kara soon finds out. My only problem with her was when the death threats found her at home, instead of at work, she was quite stubborn about accepting help and protection. I mean, she lives alone and has a four year old son. I think she could have handled that area better and showed a bit more worry about someone possibly harming her child to get to her.

As the mystery unravels, Reece will be in a race against time to save Kara. The climax is fast-paced and had me nibbling on my nails once again.