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Master of the Mountain - Cherise Sinclair Rebecca thinks she has the perfect life - a city girl with a well paying job as a graphic designer, a handsome boyfriend, they just moved in together ... the only problem seems to be the lackluster sex. To "save" their relationship, Matt tells her he'll be joining his "club" on a vacation in the mountains. The real blow comes when he tells her it's a swingers club. He convinces her to give it a try and she reluctantly agrees. She quickly establishes that that lifestyle isn't for her. Of course a certain lodge owner named Logan has a lot to do with turning her world upside down. Rebecca is intimidated and attracted to the intense male. When she finds out that he's a Dom, He shows her a new side of herself that she never knew was there, but can he tear down the walls she's built around herself at feeling inadequate, and in turn can she help him overcome his own insecurities?

*** Possible spoilers ahead***

I really liked this story because for once the heroine isn't a size 0 babe. She's a real woman with curves, and like anyone else she has her insecurities. Ever since her father walked out on her mother claiming that she was fat and boring, she's had it drilled into her that the only way to keep a man is to be skinny. I can understand why she might feel that way, however i failed to grasp how she ended up with Matt if she freezes up every time she's seen without her clothes on. When they arrive at the lodge, it's obvious Matt is very well acquainted with everyone, which eludes to the fact that he has been cheating on her for a long time. Yet she's still willing to give this lifestyle a try to save her relationship? WTH? I say kick the asshole to the curb! The jerk didn't even come to her defense when his "pick of the lays" cuts her down and calls her frigid.

Logan, the owner of the lodge, is an Iraq war veteran and he suffers from PTSD. He has nightmares that lead him to act violently when he's caught up in a bad dream. He's even responsible for nearly killing his brother, Jake after a particularly bad episode. Aside from that, he's also a Dom which gives him control in other areas of his life. I loved Logan for his intensity but also for the incredible sweetness that simmered beneath his tough exterior. That man can really make a woman feel good, and I don't mean just physically. He's instantly drawn to Becca's gentle and submissive nature, and it doesn't hurt that he thinks she has a body to die for. I also loved how he made it a point (at least twice) to hint at her fiery passion to the swingers. He eases her into the BDSM lifestyle. She struggles to cope with the revelation that she finds aspects of it enjoyable, but she soon finds herself falling for her mentor. Can they find a HEA in just four days?

I'm glad the swingers too a backseat for the majority of the story. I didn't have a problem with the scenes in this story. I accept the BDSM but not the swingers. To me, they were a very unsympathetic bunch of cheaters who get to be with many different partners. BDSM, on the other hand is like a sexual position. When done correctly, there is trust between a Dom and his Sub, they talk openly about everything and try things together that heighten their experiences. Swingers are just in it for the sex without having to worry about getting caught. I chuckled a lot throughout this story because it reminded me of those teen movies, where the haves snub the have nots. In the end, it seemed that everyone took a sudden interest in Becca just because Logan saw something in her that no one else did.

The BDSM scenes in this story weren't shocking, and you'll probably want a few ice cold drinks to go along with it. Just sayin'.