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Kiss of Crimson   - Lara Adrian I'm so glad I found this exciting series. The war between Rogues and the Breed continues with a new threat to the Order and humans alike. A dangerous drug that turns simple vampires into Rogues (vampires who are consumed by bloodlust thus making them particularly vicious) is circulating, and Dante is the first of the Order to have an almost deadly encounter with an addicted Rogue. His severe injuries lead him to Tess, a sweet and kind veterinarian. Dante, in desperate need of healing, feeds from her before discovering that she bears the mark of a Breedmate. Plagued by visions of his death in the near future, he decides to spare Tess the details of what he is and what his feeding ultimately means. He erases her memory of the night and disappears. Chase, an Agent of Darkhaven, comes to the Order to ask for help in locating missing young vampire males and eradicating the drug endangering them. The trail leads to Ben, Tess' best friend and ex boyfriend, who turns out to be the drug dealer. This new development leads to Dante seeking out Tess again and he tries to get close to her to gather information but also because he can't resist his desire for her. Tess is harboring her own secrets and shies away from males in general, but she soon find the pull of Dante irresistible. As Dante and Tess grow closer, secrets on all sides are slowly revealed and Tess finds out in the worst possible way what Dante is.
The first book was so good. Where Lucan fought his attraction to Gabrielle every step of the way, Dante is less resistant and he comes to find that secretly he's always hoped to find his mate and stop his visions from coming to pass. The female heroines all seem timid and are ultimately presented with the truth after witnessing the horrifying truth of the men they're attracted to. However, instinctively they know they're different and feel out of place among normal humans. Each Breedmate has their own special ability which later proves to be a useful aid in the war. I like seeing the females find that hidden strength they never knew they possessed. Along with the acceptance to use their powers for good, the acceptance and love of their males makes them stronger without infringing on their independence. They don't become simpering females with only their men on their minds but rather they're treated as equals and their help is more than appreciated.
I'm definitely collecting the entire series. If you've read BDB by JR Ward, think you'll like this series.