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Naked Edge - Pamela Clare I really liked this story. It's the second Pamela Clare book I've read and I intend to read every one of the I-Team series. Ms Clare obviously does a lot of research to bring her world to life, and she is very creative when it comes to the situations she puts her characters in. I loved the Native American culture that is front and center of this story. Kat was very likable as the female journalist who has always wanted to give her people a voice through her articles. When it comes to love, she's been saving herself for her future husband and soul mate. When she suffers a near fatal accident, the handsome Gabe comes to her rescue. He's a Mountain Park Ranger, adrenaline junkie, daredevil and womanizer with a painful past. Kat tries to put him out of her mind, but circumstances keep throwing them together. When attempts are made on her life, Gabe steps up to protect her.

I loved the way Kat got under his skin by being the opposite of any woman Gabe has ever encountered. Her wisdom through her upbringing helps him to slowly heal even if he's unaware of it. This may be a romance novel, but the plot was very exciting.