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Early Review: Under the Dom’s Care by Sam Crescent

Under a Dom's Care (Extreme Book 2) - Sam Crescent


Jake messed up and broke the rules at club, Extreme. He’s paid the price but the punishment still stands, and he cannot touch a sub within the club. One night out with his friend and he meets the raven haired beauty of his dreams.


Isabella is a librarian and a virgin. She’s tired of her friends nagging her and so, she sets out a plan. The first man to hold her interest is the man she’s going to lose her virginity to.


Big mistake!


No matter how much chemistry was between them, losing her cherry against a brick wall was not the stuff of fairytales. There was no way she’d be giving herself to a man any time soon.


However, Jake refuses to step down. He’s got a reputation to uphold and he refuses to let her go until he shows her what it really means to be under a Dom’s care.


My Review


Read: Aug 21-21

It wasn't difficult to feel a little sorry for Jake throughout the story, but especially in the beginning. Not only was he beating himself up for not realizing he'd been with a virgin, but it had been a horrible experience for her, so he'd been told. his intent to track Bella down wasn't just about wanting to apologize and make it up to her, but he felt a connection to her that night and wasn't about to let her slip through his fingers.


Jake came from a wealthy family, but he was estranged from his parents. They didn't approve of his choices and never let him forget it. Isabella was a walking cliche - smart, a librarian, buttoned up, not much sexual experience, no social life, she had a gorgeous older sister named Daisy, and she had a hidden sexuality that required the right man to come along and unlock it for her. I didn't like Bella very much in the beginning. From hoping that Jake would fall for Daisy so she could have a reason not to be bothered with him anymore to saying “Not every man has a right to know if they're getting a virgin or not.” While true that not every man has a right, the man she decided to throw herself at had a right to know. He could have backed out or chosen to be more careful. That her first time was awful was just as much her fault as it was his.


This was a fast paced story because just twenty-four hours after their first encounter, he'd not only managed to track her down to talk to her, but he got her in his apartment and got himself invited to meet her family. I liked her parents, and even her sister wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. Daisy really cared about her, even going so far as to call her out on her childish behavior and interrogate Jake about his intentions.


I liked that Jake took his time building trust between them. They refrained from having intercourse until she was ready. She gradually blossomed under his special attentions, no longer adverse to having a relationship. The more time they spent together, the hotter their encounters got.


The only thing that didn't work for me was the predictability of drama between Jake and his parents. Not only did their spoken words not sound upper class, but the yelling match that ensued sounded very juvenile. The whole situation was a little over the top. I loved the epilogue giving us a glimpse into their life two years later. Overall it was a hot story, and I would read more from this author, just perhaps not this series.


*eARC provided by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.*

Source: http://msromanticreads.com/2014/08/early-review-under-the-doms-care-by-sam-crescent